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MuslimJobs v3 Announcement

Waqas Abbasi |

Thu Jul 06 2023


I am excited to announce that version 3 of MuslimJobs has just been launched 🥳

✨ MuslimJobs is now a free platform for companies, which means all premium features are available for free!

The platform's pricing model has been updated to a finder's fee model. This means we only get paid when someone is hired successfully through our platform. If you are a Muslim company, then you can start using our services with zero upfront cost and risk!

You can learn more about it on our pricing page:

For job-seekers this means that more companies should start using MuslimJobs for their recruiting needs, inshaAllah!

✨ Moving forward, job-seekers who find jobs through MuslimJobs will receive a Free $25 Gift Card! To learn visit the found-job page

✨ Our platform also now recommends job-seeker profiles to companies based on the Industry, location and years of experience specified in a job-posting

✨ We've also introduced a new dashboard user-interface for companies, streamlining the process of posting jobs and hiring job-seekers.

✨ We've also fixed many small bugs and have made efforts to make the UI more consistent throughout the app.

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